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Data Optimization

Our best-in-class data processes set the standard for all efforts moving forward.

Refined data is critical to campaign success

Our proprietary data process ensures accurate and validated customer lists

Stage 1:


Stage 2:


Stage 3:


Stage 4:


Our data security protects dealers’ & their customers’ privacy

  • WISP protocols in place

  • No PII data stored on servers

  • Secure FTPs used for all data transfers

  • CCPA & NHTSA Compliant

  • User-based secure dashboard logins

  • Opt out & CAN-SPAM compliance protocols

  • Enhanced Microsoft Azure security in place


Market Evaluation

See how many real customers you can communicate with


Our campaign building starts with a detailed market evaluation. We analyze customer counts and traffic patterns for existing and conquest customers, as well as service effectiveness and defection metrics.

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