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Dealerwing Programs

Regardless of what challenges you face, we have a program built to achieve your desired results


Customer Acquisition

Bring new customers into the service drive


Acquire brand new customers

Lost Souls:

Bring lost customers back into the store


Generate revenue from open recall customers


Retain Existing Customers

Generate more visits from your existing customers


Drive inactive customers to the store and convert them to active customers.


Convert active customers to loyal ones by generating additional visits


Increase Total Revenue Per Repair Order

Utilize specific customer-based offers to increase revenue

Custom Creative:

Provide specific offers for each customer, based on their immediate or future needs

Declined Services:

Utilize timely communications to create additional service revenue


Generate additional business by mining DMS and OEM data for open recalls


Increase OEM Service Retention Metrics

Use our detailed knowledge of the OEM program to customize marketing to drive retention metrics

Merged Data Sources:

Utilize all OEM, DMS , and conquest data to power our marketing efforts

Scrubbed Data Process:

Cleanse OEM, DMS, and conquest data to make sure that all information is updated, verified, and accurate

Custom Target Lists:

Utilize custom target lists to maximize return by only marketing to verified customers


Eliminate Service Customer Defections

Create an accurate defection report to determine specific target market

At Risk Customers:

Create marketing options based on potential defectors

Defected Customers:

Create additional marketing options to reach those who have already defected

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