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Transparent DMS Reporting

We DO NOT take credit for every customer that comes in. Accurate attribution is critical to success.

Campaign Performance Reports

We provide a suite of summary and detailed reports with every campaign to ensure accurate attribution.

ROI Report

Total ROs with customer pay & warranty dollars for matched ROs

Lost Souls/Conquest Report

Customers who have never been in or had a visit in a long time

Email Report

Email open, click, and conversion rates along with appts generated

Service Advisor Report

Advisor performance for both overall CP-ROs, and ROs matched to our campaigns

Flagged/Purged Records

We measure the effectiveness of our detailed data-cleansing process with flagged records.

We reduce waste, optimize your budget, and maximize results on each and every campaign

Flagged records are removed or flagged for a number of reasons:

  • Customers with incorrect or unmailable addresses

  • Customers who have moved out of the area

  • Customers who no longer have their vehicle

  • Customers who have opted out of communications

  • Vehicles that have had a title change

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