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Campaign Elements

Our hands-on approach ensures that you achieve your desired results.

1st Class Direct Mail


We visually prioritize the dealer branding. Our vast creative library and custom designs have been

proven effective. We send 1st class monthly mailings with clear, concise, and unique offers per target list. Campaigns can be co-op compliant to obtain reimbursement and maximize fund utilization.


We utilize a variety of campaigns, designed to achieve specific dealer objectives

  • Declined Services

  • Recall

  • High Mileage

  • Old Age

  • Grand Opening

  • Conquest

  • Gift Cards

  • Checkbooks

  • Front-End Sales

  • Equity Campaigns

  • Lease Expiration

  • Zip Code Targets

  • Holiday Cards

  • Specialty/Custom

Direct Mail
Our emails generate actual appointments while building your brand.

Digital Email Campaigns

The Dealerwing email program’s messaging is consistent, targeted, and flexible. Unlike email blasts, our communications are specific and mirror the offers sent through other channels.


Each email effectively generates actual appointment requests from customers. When the campaigns launch, you will see an immediate increase in scheduling for service. Customers are driven to offer-specific landing pages to request appointments. Our notification system delivers those requests directly to your team

Our technology enhances our strategy and increases performance.

Dealer Dashboard

The Dealerwing dashboard is a Business Intelligence tool. By breaking down both customer information and campaign performance, you can get a clear picture of your market and where the real opportunities are.


Our dealer dashboard gives you complete access to your data with, customer status breakdowns, downloadable target lists, purge lists for DMS cleanup, service retention, defection metrics, target recommendations, and more.


The depth of knowledge combined with the ease of use and transparency, makes our latest dashboard groundbreaking in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Our data establishes the foundation for your other marketing efforts.
Social 7 BDC

Target Customer List

One deliverable that many dealers take advantage of, is our Social & BDC lists. Since our data is so much more refined, the downloadable lists can be used for BDC call list or in your social media efforts. Your target database will become the backbone of the rest of your marketing program.

We work well with other marketing vendors you currently use.

Our mobile program creates 2-way communication with your customers


The Dealerwing Mobile Social/Texting program utilizes both Facebook and text messaging to deliver your offers to your customers on their phones. Once they respond, our internal chat specialists engage your customers to answer questions and schedule an appointments.

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