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Campaign Strategy

Our omni-channel strategy casts a wide net around your customers keeping you top-of-mind when service is needed.

Our over-arching strategy is your recipe for success

Our marketing provides consistent messaging across all channels

Direct Mail

1st class mail

Facebook marketing with SMS chat support


Custom Email

Personalized email campaigns

Target Call Lists

BDC lists, scripts, and training

Each Dealerwing program has a unique strategy & execution


Driving additional customers into the store requires mining the DMS for lost souls and utilizing validated conquest data.


Retaining your current customers requires precisely targeted lists, consistent brand presence, and offers that align to customer needs.


Increasing revenue can be achieved by targeting the most profitable types of work, using offers that promote spending, and including campaigns like declined services

OEM Metrics

Each OEM metric requires a specific strategy to move the needle. We customize the program to increase each KPI based on our OEM expertise.

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